A system of belief + way of living that harmonizes the scientific and spiritual. Recognizing and accepting the value of each and that the relationship between them need not be competitive / exclusive.

A way of living that is informed by what works

Based on a broad range of evidence and experience


Formal scientific research

Long standing religious+spiritual traditions

Any system of belief and practice that has accumulated billions of believer-years (total number of years believed/practiced by believer-adherents)

Topics for Exploration

Longevity / Life-extension



Personal digital sovereignty

Non-ordinary States of Consciousness


Living within the intersection of many ethical sets


Random bits

Religion As A Service (RaaS) (both a joke and not a joke)

What would a religion crypto token look like? What incentives? What coin would jesus or buddha or muḥammadd? create?

02016.09.02 emails to rgb (pt 2)

“one of the benefits of evidence-based anything (if done in the way I'm thinking) is how it illuminates mystery. Because outside of pure physics - celestial mechanics and billiard balls - we're very much in the dark. And taking an evidence based approach could be a reminder of the extent of the dark matter in our world. a well calculated confidence level should show the amount of uncertainty that comes with any 'evidence,' and it will regularly be pretty low.

right now i think that most people (me included) are largely operating without evidence or mystery. just rote and ruts and routines - replayed repeatedly without real reference to results.”

02016.09.01 emails to rgb (pt 1)

“was just reading on the Centre for Effective Altruism site. and their primary tag line is "To foster projects which use evidence and analysis to help others as much as possible."

which immediately reminded me of the evidence based medicine idea. I did a paper on this in law school, the gap between standard practice and evidence can be massive. (paper was focused on the duty of informed consent and how doctors basically aren't doing it at all).

but now I'm thinking that there's a broader movement embedded in all this: evidenced based everything. seems like an absolute no brainer, but surprisingly things like evidenced based medicine and the work that the Effective Altruism group are doing is considered ground breaking. it's a very simple extension of Evidenced Based being extended to everything.

immediate application for me is to (i) my everyday life and (ii) the digan/digital living stuff.

now that I think of it, it's just a new term to capture what you/I (and lots of others) have been trying to do already.”