Do IT Together

DITTO is an alternative or an evolution from DIY. Instead of Do It Yourself --> Do IT TOgether

DIY is great / fine.

But there are times where goals are best achieved via coordinated action - people working together.

Some goals can only be accomplished together.

DITTO is an idea. and a movement - a way of doing things.

an invitation to do good work, together.

DITTO can work in many domains. I've thought about using the DITTO approach w/ food+nutrition. with hair care. deodorant. with... almost everything.

Here are my prior, very messy, notes on (mostly) hair care (despite the initial comment on skin care):

How expensive would all the skin care products listed in this post cost for a year? For the entire decade of your 30's?

Fucking outrageous? Feels likely to be so imo.

DIY options? and, oh yeah, do these products even work? any level of proof?


  • *Hair Conditioner
  • *Detangler

https://wellnessmama.com/13101/hair-detangling-spray/ - blog seems good. marshmallow root.

  • * Hair Science pretty interesting. there is (not surprisingly, but something I never thought about) a real science to hair care. There are different types of hair treatments. Many formulations of shampoos. and conditioners. and more. and beyond treatments. There are different types of hair. Fundamentally all hair is the same - x, y and z. ph, porosity, etc... But there can be (and often are) meaningful differences in the hair of different people. Curly. Straight. Thickness. Color. Etc... Even more, one person's hair may be substantially different at the root than at the ends. This is especially true for people with long hair. or chemically treated hair. Bottom line, different treatments will have different results depending on the type and condition of a person's hair. To my knowledge there's never been a service that looks at your hair - provides a detailed scientific analysis of your hair (ph, porosity, etc...) and then prescribes tailored hair treatments in order to produce specific results.

My sense, after an initial and cursory reading on the science of hair and hair treatments, is that the ideal approach (if people have the time and resources) would be a series of treatments. A multi-stage treatment:

  • Clean hair with an appropriate shampoo formulation
  • Some staging involving (i) oils, (ii) proteins, (iii) humectants, (iv) cationic surfactants and polymers, (v) silicones...
  • ph of deep conditioner between 6-7 "I don't lump hair into categories readily because everybody's hair is so much alike - and so different! I think about hair at the microscopic level, at the "individual hair strand" level, and also about the forces acting on hair like whether it is straight or curly or kinking because force on hair is distributed very differently on and within tightly curled hair relative to more loosely curled or straight hair."
  • *Deodorant