“A democracy is more than a form of government; it is primarily a mode of associated living, of conjoint communicated experience” John Dewey

A Post-Election Plan of Action

In any democracy a peaceful transition of power is not an automatic outcome.

It is a hard-won fight.

That fight part is too often unseen, too often forgotten.

Because the fight often took place years ago. or generations ago. And the work it took to build the walls that protect democracy was done years ago too.

Or the fight doesn't look like a fight. It's not a steel cage brawl. It's a battle of doing a thousand little boring things - printing ballots, making sure that the ballots are delivered on time, volunteers showing up to staff polling places, ballot counting, basic decorum and respect for the democratic process.

And all the billions of little acts that help to build and maintain a civil society

But we're finding out that so many of these things are not guaranteed. They don't just happen.

And who knows what could happen next.

So now it is time to fight again.

Not for a candidate or party, but for democracy itself. The same fight our forbearers waged to secure what is now recognized as a fundamental human right: The right for the will of the people to be exercised - and faithfully recognized - via democratic elections.

How can we fight?

We can vote.

And we can support the outcome of that vote by taking a pledge.

A simple, personal pledge to defend democracy.

A pledge that #EverythingStops if a candidate tries to steal the Presidency.

A Pledge that #EverythingStops if

  • the Electoral College loser fails to concede
  • State legislatures or governors send a slate of electors to vote contrary to the popular vote of that state
  • Intervention by the Department of Justice, National Guard or Military in order to manipulate election outcomes by any of the following (i) limit voter access to voting sites, (ii) restrict lawful vote counts or re-counts,
  • SCOTUS ruling ignored
  • US Senate miscounts / accepts unlawful electors
  • House of Reps

I will

  • Stop spending
  • Stop clicking
  • Stop working
  • Stop going to school
  • Stop traffic

Until the loser formally concedes and agrees to a peaceful transition of power.

Stop Spending

Essentials only. Food. Water.

The foundation of the United States economy is consumer spending. If consumers - the people - stop spending, the entire economy grinds to a halt.

Every dollar is a vote.

And stopping our spending may be the most powerful vote we can cast.

It won't be easy, because we're used so used to spending. But if we stop, it will send a message that can't be ignored.

Stop buying stuff. Cancel all subscriptions - Amazon, Netflix, etc... Stop paying your bills - your internet, your cell phone, your car insurance. Stop paying your rent, your mortgage, you car payment.

All the people and corporations that aren't getting paid won't be happy.

Sure, they'll be unhappy with us. But if enough of us take this pledge, it'll be easier to be unhappy with the person attempting to perpetrate a coup.

So stop spending.

Drinking water is essential.

Eating is optional.

Stop everything else.

Stop Clicking

Stop clicking.

Clicks are like money. Stopping the clicks, is part of stopping spending

The internet has become an essential part of our lives.

Facebook. Amazon. Media.

The technology companies behind the internet are the largest companies on the planet.

If we stop using these services, they stop making money. They start worrying that maybe our habits will start to change and we won't use them as much.