Furniture as a store of value

This idea has been floating around my head for a while. It started with wanting to make some custom kettlebells using silver bullion.

And then at the beginning of the covid pandemic I started to think about doing an entire sofa or table out of metal. As a last bastion of value in a time of crisis.

Aluminum. Copper. Bronze. Zinc.

Giant. Solid. Cast metal pieces.

One annoying thing about furniture right now: It does not hold its value.

You buy a couch for $3k and you're lucky to re-sell it 5yrs later for $500. Sometimes zero.

Many household objects find their initial value in ephemeral/fashion-oriented origins. They are worth decidedly less the minute the box is opened and they are "used". I began wondering how the everyday objects could be re-made so that they become sustainable stores of value.

  • Make them out of commodity metals with long-standing use-value
  • Use all the other angles too:
    • Collaborations with artists / designers
    • Limited edition runs
    • A lottery element (every 100th piece will have 1kg of gold embedded)
    • Crypto co-ownership of "brand" - every couch comes with an ownership stake

Stack all of these value-creation techniques on top of each other

Security: If you have a 3,000lb copper table, it's hard to steal.

Back of envelope calc on the weight of a copper table-top, using the dimensions of this concrete table-top a starting point (4x67x35 ⇒ 9,380 cubic inches ⇒ 3,029lbs ⇒ ~$14,350 @ $4.75/lbs. Calculator here). Obv a copper table could be significantly slimmer, but this still gives a starting point in terms of weight.

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