To Do

This is a list of tasks. By project.


Contributions to the Psychedelic Community

The goal with psycoDAO is to find ways of bringing the community of people interested in psychedelic together so that we can (1) learn together and (2) work together to do cool stuff.

Mapping the Space

Research + collect data on active members in the “psychedelic community” - bothindividuals and organizations. This would include persons conducting academic/medical research related to psychedelics, therapists/guides focused on psychedelic-assisted therapy, writers/journalists, artists, chemists-researchers, investors/VCs

Social Presence + Campaign

Investment Fund

Legal Landscape

  • Research Project: Mapping the landscape of therapeutic use
    • Where are the legal lines in therapeutic practice?
    • What might a test case look like?
    • Considering collateral sanctions: Adding extra-legal risks (loss of license, reputation, etc..)
  • Decriminalization: Policy work
  • Rescheduling: Nationally + Internationally
    • Who is already working on this?
    • How can we help?
  • Research Project: religious exemption / religious use
    • Pathways to expand religious use
      • Setting the stage / framing the issue for a wide audience
      • Defining the legal boundaries
      • Pathways for expanding safe use of psychedelics in a religious context within the current legal environment
      • Legal Options for expanding safe/legal use
        • A new test case?
        • Legislation - City level / County / State / National / International

Risk Mitigation

via Mutual and/or Insurance Offerings

Why Psychedelics?

Answering the question about why psychedelics might be an important catalyst for humans at this particular time

State of Mental Health

State of Academic / Medical Research

A collection of academic+medical research related to psychedelics.


A series of token sales, maybe following a bell curve.



Art Series

Collections of Writing

The Chris Camp Project

Accountability Items

I want to experiment with an accountability partner to help me get things done that have been lingering for ... a long time.

Each item has three elements: (1) Method of Proof, (2) Due Date, and (3) Penalty Amount

If I don’t complete the task and provide proof of completion by the due date, then I need to pay the penalty amount.